It’s Launch Day!

Welcome everyone!


I’m so excited to be able to post this up on our new online store! Launching an e-store is a bit of a strange experience - there’s no ribbon cutting, you don’t get to turn on the lights in the morning for the first time and theres no new store smell (if there even is such a thing) and yet… i’d imagine feeling just the same way i do now if we’d opened a brick and mortar store.


So, for those of you who know ViewQwest and know what we do, i’m sure you’re asking yourselves “Why in the world did they open an e-store?”. Well, it’s pretty simple really - the main reason is that we wanted to provide existing subscribers with an easy way to purchase great hardware that makes their internet experience even better! A one-stop shop for all your home networking needs that delivers straight to your doorstep.


Basically, we just want to say “Thanks for subscribing!” and that's why we’ve made sure to give subscribers some nifty discounts (make sure you’re logged in so you can see them!).


We’re really hoping for this store to become the ultimate Tech Vault that’s open 24/7, 365 days a year and that’s always packed with the stuff YOU want! For that to happen though, we really need you to tell us what that is! Let us know what kind of products you’d like us to include in the store and also if there’s anything else you think we can improve on!


We’ve made a new section in the fibernet forums just for this so when you have a min go check it out at ( If you’re an existing ViewQwest subscriber don’t forget to send your username & e-mail to to gain access to the customer only section!). Happy Shopping!


Vignesa Moorthy,


Chief Executive Officer,

ViewQwest Pte Ltd.