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Introducing ViewQwest TV

Posted by Wee Long Ang on


At the mention of ‘ViewQwest TV, it instinctively suggests that the device is most likely a TV itself. However, when I received the box for the first time, the product is the least of what I had expected, or at least what most of us would have expected it to be.

ViewQwest TV, developed by ViewQwest Pte Ltd, is in fact a small network appliance or an entertainment device that is designed to stream digital audio/video content to a high-definition television. This means that with the use of the device, you can watch unlimited online content on your television! It instantly widens my array of choices (and I really do mean a lot more) on my television compared to the mainstream (and most of the time boring) TV channels broadcasted in my country.


Ask any ViewQwest customer what ViewQwest is and the likely answer from them would be that it is Singapores premium fiber broadband service provider. By offering other services such as freedom DNS to their subscribers, ViewQwest truly understands what their customers need, and hence earn themselves the reputation of a technology leader with a customer-centric approach.

You may be wondering if the ViewQwest TV works on other ISPs, the answer is YES. ViewQwest TV performs its magic through internet connections such as Wifi and Ethernet. The internet connection I have at my little cozy cot is of a different ISP and the ViewQwest TV works perfectly fine with it. One thing that I would like to highlight is that you would appreciate a reliable and high-speed internet connection when tinkering with the ViewQwest TV.

I spoke to several ViewQwest customers and they have nothing but praises for this device. I guess it may be attributed to their connection speed, which ViewQwest prides itself to providing the true fiber broadband performance. Well, I am currently using an ‘outdated’ ADSL broadband by another ISP and I am constantly staring at the buffering screen whenever I change the setting to High-Definition.

How about the quality on screen? ViewQwest TV is able to stream 1080p videos, which means that the quality is really of high definition quality. Truly astonishing! Compared to the previous set up that I had used whenever I wanted to enjoy internet channels on my TV, which is connected to my laptop via a VGA cable, there is a noticeable difference in quality.

ViewQwest TV is also extremely easy to set up. All you need to do is to plug in 2 cables and the little device is now ready. ViewQwest TV comes preloaded with PPTV, Hulu and SPUUL. Please note that you would require some form of DNS services if you would like to enjoy Hulu and other geo-restricted channels.






ViewQwest TV is going at SGD$99 for ViewQwest subscribers and SGD$200 for non ViewQwest subscribers. Comparing to its competitors such as the Xiaomi TV Box (recent SGD$99 groupon deal instead of SGD$219) and Amazon Fire TV (USD$99 excluding shipping charges), ViewQwest TV is priced reasonably amongst them. Well, at least you do not have to wait for the special launch period or bear a dreadfully long delivery lead time when you make an order for the ViewQwest TV from their e-Store.


Here are the specifications of the device:



Dual Core ARM, 1.6GHz


DDR3 1GB, 4GB Flash

Operating System

Android 4.1.1


IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Audio formats supported


Video formats supported


Image formats supported



2x USB, Micro USB, LAN, HDMI, Micro SD card slot, DC-in, AV out




Access files, stream movies, listen to music on external storage devices (Synology NAS, HDD, optical drive, etc.) attached to the local network (using SMB or FTP)

Customizable user interface

Add/remove your own apps, create your own icon art.

Flash applications

Extend the functionality of ViewQwest TV even further with FlashLite applications.

Internet radio

Playback your favorite songs from internet radio


Playback your favorite shows/videos.

Internet Browsing


Surf the internet from the comfort of your couch using the in-built Chrome browser.



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