Aeotec for ViewQwest: Door/Window Sensor 6 (5 Sensor Bundle) SAVE 50%

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Compatible with ViewQwest’s Vesta Shield.

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Designed to blend into any home and any décor. This micro sensor is designed to detect any activity of secured doors and windows, or even drawers and cabinets containing your valuables.

Model Number : ZW112-H

Power Source : Rechargeable Lithium Battery, 3.7V, 500mAh

Battery charger input: Micro USB port, DC 5V±0.5V, max 1A

Batteries Included? : Yes

Average Battery Life : 10 months (on frequently used doors), 1 year (on windows)

Operating distance: Up to 492 feet/150 metres

Waterproofing: IP20 rating (Indoor use only)

Dimensions (H x W x D) mm: 99 x 72 x 9

Colour: White


Complies with IMDA Standards DA107760

Z-Wave Plus certified

Z-Wave Plus certification number: ZC10-19026370