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BenQ - RL2460HT 24-Inch Console Gaming Monitor

  • $339.00

Model - RL2460HT 24" 1080p Console Gaming Monitor 1ms GTG

Unlock the Power, Unleash the Battle

The RL2460HT is the best monitor for competitive PC and console gaming. It is built to handle the raw intensity of the competition in every way. A new gaming feature, Fighting Mode, was co-developed with fighting game legend, Justin "JWong" Wong of Evil Geniuses. It enables gamers to highlight battle characters with special colors. To ensure uncompromised streaming, an HDMI output is available to eliminate input lag. The RL2460HT delivers total victory and gameplay satisfaction.

HDMI Output for Uncompromised Streaming

The built-in HDMI output allows gamers to record and stream their gameplay after it goes through the monitor instead of before, allowing their audience to see what they have seen without the risk of input lag or delay. Finally, there's a way for gamers to enjoy an audience – and preserve their monitor speed and performance, too.

*Note: The HDMI Output feature only supports an HDMI input source. This feature is for screen mirroring only. Extended display is not supported.

Fighting Mode to Sharpen Your Focus

Absolute focus on characters is the key to master every fighting game. To optimize the gamers' chance of winning, BenQ invited fighting game legend, Justin "JWong" Wong of Evil Geniuses, to co-design the Fighting Mode. Through this feature, gamers can access specific color calibration settings that help them highlight the characters in combat, giving them the boost they need to improve their gameplay and destroy their opponents.

Duo Smart Setup:

Height Adjustment Stand & Precision Scale System - Allows gamers to effortlessly keep track of their preferences and duplicate the same precise monitor height setup each and every time. The height adjustment stand can be operated with just one finger to move the screen up high or down flat on the table, turned vertically or horizontally. It is also paired with a VESA mount to meet different viewing needs.

Eye Comfort and Safety Begin with Low Blue Light - No longer do you need yellow tinted glasses. Your gameplay can now be clear, comfortable and hassle-free!

Gaming-comfort Flicker-free Technology

Co-developed by pro gamers, the RL2460HT is upgraded to eliminate flickering at all brightness levels, effectively reducing eye fatigue herewith providing extreme comfort for even the most hardcore gamers after long hours of play time. The gaming focus Flicker-free Technology makes BenQ Gaming Monitor an epic weapon against your opponents!

The Game Mode Loader Lets You in on the Secret


The secret is out. Download special gaming presets used by the professional players so you can see what the pros see. Each mode is fine-tuned so you can leverage these exclusive presets used by pro gamers. They can also be saved on your S Switch for quick access and game play. More presets from professional gamers will be released in the future so you can always stay on top of your game.

Display Pilot for On-Screen Display Navigation


The new Display Pilot software provides the platform for gamers to make instant on-screen display adjustments. It also offers direct access to the Game Mode Loader site for quickly downloading and installing the preset display settings of favorite games or professional gamers' screens.

The Black eQualizer Gives You Total Visibility

Poor visibility in dark scenes can prevent even the most skillful gamers from winning their battles. The Black eQualizer color engine technology is designed to offer an unprecedented level of control and visibility. Dark scenes are brightened without over-exposing the bright areas to preserve vital details, enabling gamers to spot their enemies easily in critical combat and react quickly in any situation.

Customize Your Individual Viewing Preference


The Display Mode and Smart Scaling features allow you to change the resolution to suit your liking and to simulate any in-game experience. Switch instantly between different screen sizes , from 17" (4:3), 19" (4:3), 19"W (16:10), 21.5"W (16:9), 22"W (16:10), 23"W (16:9) to 24"W (16:9), using the Display Mode. You can also take advantage of the Smart Scaling feature to freely scale the screen content to any custom size.


  • 1920 × 1080 Resolution
  • Fast 1ms GTG Response Time
  • Ultra-Smooth Gaming Experience
  • Panel Type : TN
  • Dimensions (HxWxD mm) : 502 x 579 x 213
  • Net Weight (kg) : 5.2
  • Windows® 8/8.1 Compatible for Versatility

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*May vary by model. Please refer to the specification chart to for more details.

**Shipping - 10 working days upon purchase.
***Warranty : 3 years on-Site

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