Heiman Smart Smoke Sensor

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Compatible with ViewQwest’s Vesta Shield.

The HEIMAN Smart Smoke Sensor has an accurate smoke detection system and you are alerted acoustically and visually. In a serious situation, the smoke sensor alerts you with a red LED that flashes quickly and with a loud alarm. You also have the option of receiving a warning on your smartphone when you are not at home. This prevents smoke from causing a fire and expensive consequential damage.


By using Z-Wave wireless technology, the sensor can be connected to any Z-Wave gateway. Thanks to the latest Z-Wave Plus Standard, the smoke sensor offers a battery lifetime of 3 years.



Detects smoke and visible particles which arise by a smoldering fire

  • Soundlevel of alarm: 85 dB/3m
  • Low battery indication
  • Battery required: Yes (1x battery CR123A)
  • Battery lifetime: 3 years
  • S2 security standard
  • Wireless technology: Z-Wave Plus