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SteelSeries Sentry Gaming Eye Tracker

  • $269.00
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The Sentry Eye Tracker offers cutting-edge hardware and an immersive interface that enhances the publisher streaming experience and helps to improve your gameplay.

Key Features:

  • Infrared microprojectors - scan the eyes 50 times per second.

  • Gaze overlay - lets viewers visualize your thought process by showing them what you are looking at in real time.

  • New perspective - showing you exactly where you’re looking each second of the game.

  • Windows Hello biometric - use your face to log in.

  • Secure as a bank vault - Using either facial recognition or ocular scan.

  • Night Vision Security - access your computer in any level of lighting. It even works in the dark.


Product will ship within 3-5 working days from date of purchase.

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